Forex – USD/JPY edges higher on BoJ easing expectations – The U.S. dollar pushed higher against the yen on Tuesday, as expectations that the Bank of Japan will implement more aggressive easing measures later this week weighed on demand for the yen.

USD/JPY hit 84.08 during late Asian trade, the session high; the pair subsequently consolidated at 83.99, easing up 0.13%.

The pair was likely to find support at 83.60, Monday’s low and near-term resistance at 84.32, Monday’s high and a 20-month high.

The yen touched its lowest level in more than a year and a half against the dollar on Monday after an election victory for Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party fuelled expectations for further monetary easing by the BoJ.—usd-jpy-edges-higher-on-boj-easing-expectations-242074

Canadian employment change rises more-than-expected

Forexpros – Canadian employment change rose more-than-expected last month, official data showed on Friday.

In a report, Statistics Canada said that Canadian employment change rose to a seasonally adjusted 59.3K, from 1.8K in the preceding month.

Analysts had expected Canadian employment change to rise 10.0K last month.

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Australia’s GDP rises less-than-expected

Forexpros – Australia’s gross domestic product rose less-than-expected in the last quarter, official data showed on Wednesday.

In a report, Australian Bureau of Statistics said that Australia’s GDP rose to a seasonally adjusted 0.5%, from 0.6% in the preceding quarter.

Analysts had expected Australia’s GDP to rise 0.6% in the last quarter.

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Trading Strategies for 2012-Sean Seshadri

Trading Strategies for 2012
Wall Street Professionals are constantly looking at the numbers to figure out which direction the market will go.  Some will get it right and others will be wrong. Is it that simple?  Not exactly!
Time is a very important parameter often not spoken about on financial channels.  Someone who is predicted the market in a week, 2 months, 1 year or 5 years may all be right as the market could oscillate in all these directions in any period of time.  The longer period of time that one chooses to hold a position is an extremely important part of investing. An investment if given enough time will most often be right unless one invests in a stock which has never returned to previous highs in a long period of time.  However, this is not advised as this style has way to much risk and a trader has no control as they are at the mercy of the market.  One should think of bullish and bearish strategies in 2012 such as bull call and bear put spread.  These are relatively simple option spread strategies which are commonly known.  Your risk is controlled and your exit strategy for profit taking is also clearly defined. Because you are buying and equal volatility it can be implemented in higher volatile environments, and in both bearish and bullish markets.